Golden & Blue Hours

The golden hour is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset where the color of the sky goes from red and orange to yellow or, as its name suggests, golden tones, having a warm color temperature. Lighting is soft, diffused and with little contrast, since the sun is low in the sky.

Due to the type of light that exists during this period of time is ideal for photography and is a must-have option for anyone who desires top notch quality and/or highly dramatic photography.

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Guaranteed Cinematic Sky

80% of landscape photography is "Time and Place." Since we know the place we just need the ideal environmental conditions like lighting and the weather.

Every scenario is different, but for most cinematic projects the ideal lighting will be early morning or late afternoon with 25-75% cloud cover, 0% chance of rain, and 5-10 mph wind speeds.

Although we have no control over the weather, we can predict it. This will make this project have priority during the week's scheduling.

If mother nature doesn't cooperate, we will replace the sky with a scenic one in post-production.

additional per session